Monday, April 22, 2013



Written by Eric Garcia

Copyright 2009 by Eric Garcia

In The Repossession Mambo - written by Eric Garcia, which is the basis for the movie Repo Men - a bio-repo man, who works for a credit union and repossesses artificial mechanical organ transplants in people when they stop paying for them, is on the run from his own repossession people when his own credit goes bad.

I admit, I got this book because I work for a credit union and the repo man works for a credit union. As I am familiar with our Collections Department, it was interesting for me to see the workings and philosophy of the book's credit union. Having the repo men targeting their members for repossessing of the credit union's property, almost like a hit man, is a little disturbing as it is all legal. Not even celebrities are safe. The idea of marketing artificial transplants for anything in the body taken to the ultimate extreme was an interesting comment on society, as it is all about money and not in preserving the quality of life for people. Everything was geared toward artiforgs and not any type of medicine. The society of the book seemed like what is depicted in the movie Blade Runner. I was surprised at how many ex-wives the protagonist had. I think my favorite scene is when a member did a surrender, and the manager was livid because members do not do that sort of thing.

All people smile in the same language.

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