Thursday, May 30, 2013

ANGEL - redemption


Written by Mel Odom

Copyright © 2000 by Twentieth Century Fox Film

In redemption, written by Mel Odom, Angel Investigations gets a walk-in client with actress Whitney Tyler - who plays a vampire on a TV series. Her problem is that some people think she is a real vampire.

While Cordelia is glad to finally have access to a star with money, Angel has a strong feeling that she has seen Whitney before - 200 hundred years ago.

Considering that they are in Los Angeles, I was wondering when they would spend more time in the movie/television industry - especially with Cordelia wanting to be a Hollywood star. With Angel Investigations acting as security as Whitney is being targeted as a vampire seemed quite ironic. The flashbacks to when Angel was the evil Angelus 200 years ago almost makes up the subject of an entire book by itself.

All people smile in the same language. 

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