Sunday, December 29, 2013



Written by Jack Campbell

Copyright © 2007 by John G. Hemry
Cover art by Pat Turner
Cover design by Annette Fiore
Interior text design by Kristin del Rosario

In Fearless, the second book of The Lost Fleet series written by Jack Campbell, the Allied Fleet - trying to make their way back home to Alliance Earth space - discover a prison colony which contains Alliance prisoners of war. After freeing the prisoners, a former prisoner and Alliance hero, Captain Falco, believes that he - and not Commander Jack Geary should be in command of the fleet.

With the arrival of Captain Falco, loyalty amongst the fleet has split dramatically - especially between the factions who were not happy with Geary and his outdated methods of honor and strategy in the first place. This is especially dangerous as the enemy Syndics continue to search for them. While very dramatic, I was not comfortable with all the jealousy and in-fighting among the fleet. The consequences of siding with Falco is damning. Meanwhile, reunion and news of prisoners and the relationships they have with the members of the fleet have uncomfortable results.

All people smile in the same language.

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