Saturday, March 1, 2014


Written by Karen Miller

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In Stargate SG-1 - Do No Harm, a Pentagon strike team joins Stargate Command to supplement the losses that Stargate Command has recently suffered. The leader of the team, Colonel Dave Dixon has connections to a past that Colonel Jack O'Neill would rather forget. These two are forced to work together on a planet - that suddenly is exposed to a plague.

In a follow up to the TV epsiode of A Matter of Time, I was frustrated with both Dixon and O'Neill refusing to talk to each other about what had happened to their mutual comrade. Actually I wanted a bigger dustoff between the two of them because of their antagonism towards each other than what they had shown in the book. The cover of the book is misleading as it makes it appear that Dr. Frasier has a much larger role in the book than she really does because of the illness that happens on the planet. Frasier is a major influence on the book - but that influence is at the very end of the book, and she is still not that big of a driving force even at the end of the book.

All people smile in the same language.

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